ECHO Hedge Trimmer

Are you on the lookout for a top-quality hedge trimmer? We hear you. Nothing beats a trusty hedge trimmer when you wish to trim hedges or solitary shrubs. This gardening tool is the perfect addition to helping you achieve the landscape of your dreams. As you evaluate your options and help you in the right direction, we’ll be telling you all about the popular ECHO hedge trimmer.

If you consider yourself an avid gardener or wish to become one, a hedge trimmer should become part of your gardening equipment, but you don’t want just any hedge trimmer; you should aim your search to the top brands. If you are looking to get a quality tool you know your garden deserves, you may want to invest in a brand that’s well backed up.

Putting your money in big names like ECHO and doing your research is the right move; after all, you do not want to get into trimming and shaping hedgerows or pruning perennials unprepared. Continue reading and learn what you need to know about the ECHO hedge trimmer.

ECHO Hedge Trimmer FAQs

Why choose an ECHO hedge trimmer?

Echo is a leading manufacturer of commercial quality outdoor power equipment, including their range of hedge trimmers.

Who can use an echo hedge trimmer?

For professionals and discerning homeowners who demand performance, ECHO Hedge Trimmers deliver.

Are Echo hedge trimmers any good?

  • ECHO Hedge Trimmers are tough, reliable, and loaded with intelligent features like a throttle lock-out to help prevent accidental blade engagement, commercial-grade gear cases and cutting blades for the heaviest applications, and vibration-reducing engine mounts and padded handles for operator comfort.
  • The ECHO HC-152 is one of the best hedge trimmers money can buy. It features a powerful engine and sharp, durable blades that allow you to tackle most trimming tasks. Although this gas trimmer is suited to midsize and large areas, the relatively short blade makes tasks somewhat time-consuming.

Does echo make an electric hedge trimmer?

Every double-sided blade hedge trimmer uses ECHO-exclusive RazorEdge™ blades, laser-cut, and precision ground for long-lasting sharpness.

What types of ECHO hedge trimmers are available?

Echo hedge trimmers are available in single-sided and double-sided blade configurations and shafted models.

  • ECHO double-sided hedge trimmers are built for comfort, power, and precision. With anti-vibration technology, heavy-duty air filters, and ES-Start for effortless starting every time, you can get your job done with ease.
  • ECHO single-sided petrol hedge trimmers are built for the most demanding commercial work. Large hedges and thick growth demand a tool that’s lightweight, highly durable, and precise. Their range of single-sided trimmers features ES-Start for effortless starting every time. Powered by professional-grade ECHO engines and constructed with the Japanese build quality, you get a tool you can depend on.
  • ECHO shafted hedge trimmers are ergonomic, balanced, lightweight, and powerful. All shafted hedge trimmers are equipped with professional-grade two-stroke engines and packed with features to increase your productivity. ECHO offers four lengths of Shafted Hedge Trimmers: 59″ with articulating blade set, (HCA-266), 51″ (SHC-266), 33″ (SHC-225), or 20″ (SHC-225S). Each has its own benefits depending on your situation.

What’s good about Echo petrol models?

ECHO hedge trimmers are designed to be durable, lightweight, and well-balanced. With lightweight gear cases, long-lasting blades, and vibration-reducing engine mounts, you get professional performance with maximum comfort. On petrol models, Front-facing exhaust pipes and advanced cooling technology eliminate the risk of damaging the hedge and keep emissions away from the operator.

What to keep in mind before choosing a quality hedge trimmer?

Power Source

  • Gas-powered hedge trimmers: These tough tools, which generally require oil and gas to run properly, tend to work harder than their electric counterparts.
  • Electric-powered hedge trimmers: While they don’t provide quite as much oomph as gas-juiced models, electric trimmers are usually lighter, making them easier to wield at chest height or higher.

Engine Power

  • Electric hedge trimmers have an amperage (amps) measurement that indicates the amount of energy flowing through the electric engine.
  • Battery-powered hedge trimmers typically have a voltage rating associated with the power stored and produced by the battery.
  • Gas hedge trimmers use cubic centimeters (ccs) to describe the engine’s power. The higher the number of ccs, the more powerful the engine. Typically, gas hedge trimmer engines range from 21 to 25 ccs.

Blade Size

  • Eighteen inches or smaller is an appropriate blade size for small hedges, weeds, and shrubs common in residential gardens.
  • 19- to 30-inch blades are ideal for the average user. They can take on large bushes, manage full-size hedges, and trim smaller tree branches.
  • 30-inch and larger blades typically fall into the commercial and professional category. These blades regularly maintain large established trees, hedges, bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Fuel Capacity

  • The fuel capacity refers to the amount of fuel that a gas power hedge trimmer can hold in the fuel tank. The capacity is typically used to determine how long the trimmer can operate on a single tank of gas.
  • The average gas-powered hedge trimmer has a tank capacity that ranges from 10 to 16 ounces.

Cutting Capacity

  • Most slice through branches up to ½ inch thick, while more powerful models can usually handle up to an inch in diameter.
  • Most residential trimmers have a gap of between ⅜ and ¾ of an inch that’s suitable for leaves, twigs, and small branches. However, professional or commercial-grade trimmers can have a blade gap wider than 1 inch, allowing them to take on small trees and oversize hedges.

Battery Life

  • Batteries are one of the three main fuel sources for power hedge trimmers, with most models using a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can range from 20 to 80 volts. On average, a hedge trimmer battery can last for between 30 minutes and 1 hour and take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to charge fully.

Weight and Ease of Use

  • Hedge trimmers can range in weight from battery-powered options that weigh only 5 pounds to heavy gas trimmers weighing more than 20 pounds.
  • A few features make it easier to hold and control hedge trimmers. A padded front handle enhances comfort and gives users a better grip on the trimmer.

Safety Features

  • Blade brakes are a feature that stops the blade as soon as the trigger is released.
  • Safety switches prevent the accidental activation of the trimmer.
  • Padded front handles can help reduce muscle fatigue and strain caused by vibration.
  • Front handle shields prevent the user’s hand from slipping off the handle into the blade.
  • Blade sheaths can keep users protected from the blades.

ECHO Hedge Trimmer Options

ECHT-58V Hedge Trimmer

The latest lithium-ion battery technology combined with ECHO’s renowned build standards and features makes the ECHT-58V a hedge trimmer you can genuinely depend on, no matter how big the job.

The battery life indicator displays the remaining battery life. Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from performance degradation as power fades, which means 100% performance throughout.

It is also engineered to weigh less while retaining robust durability. Suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas. Battery-powered engines produce far less vibration than their petrol counterparts.

echo hedge trimmer: ECHT-58V Hedge Trimmer


  • Double Reciprocating Blades
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Low Vibration

HCR-1501 Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight and exceptionally well balanced, the HCR-1501 is ideal for homeowners and light-use professionals.

Featuring a professional grade 21.2 cm³ petrol engine for effortless trimming. Another small innovation from ECHO makes a big difference; ECHO’s rotatable rear handle massively improves comfort in all positions.

They are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic with perfect balance to maximize precision and minimize operator fatigue.

echo hedge trimmer: HCR-1501 Hedge Trimmer


  • Rotable Handle
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of Use

HC-2320 Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight double-sided hedge trimmer with 639mm blade suitable for small to medium jobs. The extra-long blade on the HC-2320 makes it ideal for tackling larger, taller hedges.

With lightweight, balanced construction, you can work longer with less fatigue. Lightweight construction with robust components ensures the tool is rugged yet easy to wield.

They are forged in Japan for sharp and precise cutting. Glide through hedges with ease. The 639mm blade is 105mm longer than the HC-2020. At 639mm with balanced weight distribution, you’ll notice jobs getting done quicker.

echo hedge trimmer: HC-2320 Hedge Trimmer


  • Lightweight
  • Japanese Blades
  • Extra Blade Length

DHC-200 Hedge Trimmer

Battery-powered double-sided hedge trimmer with professional power and performance. All the advantages of battery, without compromise.

Featuring a 62cm double-sided blade with precision cut blades for clean finishing in all conditions. The DHC-200 is low noise, low vibration, and produces 0 emissions, making it ideal for working in noise-sensitive areas and close proximity to the public.

The intelligent system optimizes motor speed, power delivery, and battery heat for best performance.

echo hedge trimmer: DHC-200 Hedge Trimmer


  • Energy Efficient Motor Controls
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Ergonomic Front Handle Design

HCS-2810ES Hedge Trimmer

The lightest weight single-sided hedge trimmer with a 589 mm blade provides beautiful finishing. Featuring a professional grade 21.2 cm3 petrol engine for effortless trimming.

The front-facing exhaust pipe keeps emissions away from the user and hedge, while the cooling air intake keeps the engine optimal throughout the operation.

With new 24mm long cutter blade teeth that run at an increased stroke rate of 4670 (1/min), trimming is precise and effortless.

echo hedge trimmer: HCS-2810ES Hedge Trimmer


  • Easy Blade Grinding
  • Low Vibration
  • Easy Start Engine

HCAS-236ES-LW Hedge Trimmer

Featuring a professional grade 21.2 cm³ petrol engine for effortless trimming.

Designed to be lightweight and ergonomic with perfect balance to maximize precision and minimize operator fatigue.

Short reach shaft provides ease of use during operation. The adjustment system enables the 519mm cutter to be rotated through 90°- it’s ideal for trimming tall and wide hedges.

echo hedge trimmer: HCAS-236ES-LW Hedge Trimmer


  • Compact Desing
  • Ergonomics
  • Clean Finishing

HCAS-2620ES-HD Hedge Trimmer

The ECHO HCAS-2620ES-HD is a professional-grade, short-reach articulating hedge trimmer weighing just 6.2kg with ergonomic and balanced construction.

Featuring a heavy-duty air filter to massively reduce the need for maintenance, ECHO’s ES-Start system for effortless starting and easy one-handed blade angle adjustment.

It also features a lightweight cutter blade with three sharp edges for sharp and clean finishing. The wider pitch blunt increases safety alongside the tip guard, preventing blade contact with fences or buildings.

echo hedge trimmer: HCAS-2620ES-HD Hedge Trimmer


  • Lightweight Cutter Blade
  • Adjustment system
  • Ease of Use

In addition to the ECHO hedge trimmer, another popular choice is the EGO Hedge Trimmer; take a look and pick the one that suits your needs.

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