The Team

Harrison Bladesmith

Tara Andrews, ceramic artist, and founder. Tara Andrews is an award-winning ceramicist who studied ceramics at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. She currently lives in London and has extensive experience making ceramic art, having exhibited her work in several countries worldwide. With, she brings her love of ceramics to everyone by offering workshops and classes so others can learn the craft of ceramic art.

Harrison Bladesmith, a landscape architecture graduate from Oregon State University, is a hedge trimmer expert residing in Oregon’s picturesque countryside. With years of experience and a passion for gardening, he created to share his knowledge on various hedge trimmers, maintenance tips, and practical advice with homeowners, gardeners, and landscaping enthusiasts. Harrison’s vision for the blog is to become the go-to resource for those looking to enhance their outdoor spaces through expert guidance and well-trimmed hedges. Learn More About Harrison’s Journey